Saturday, 13 October 2007

Calling the Red Berets

I'm feeling a little more confident about swapping now, so I've joined the Wes Anderson swap on Ravelry. Basically, I'm knitting a couple of Wes Anderson-inspired things for my swap pal. First up is a red beret, similar to the one worn by Jason Schwartzman in Rushmore:
Except I'm aiming for my beret to be a bit more flattering than the one in the movie. I'm using the Tweed Beret pattern from the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits.

Since fall is pretty much here and I've had to face the fact that it's only going get colder, I went to my garden and harvested a ton of mint. I washed it, and then tied up bundles with red yarn and hung them all over my apartment to dry:
Close-up of two of the bundles: I'll have an entire winter's supply of mint tea. And as a follow up, that wedding I went to last weekend had flowering Chinese tea as the little take-away goody that they give at weddings: I didn't have a clear teapot, so I used my coffee bodum. Isn't that gorgeous? Makes up for the fact that the tea had next to no flavour at all. I've learned to throw a green tea teabag in there for a few minutes before adding the flowering tea, to round out the experience.


Alpaca Christine said...

I'm glad to see your Wes Anderson swap items are coming along. I need to get a move on for both of my swaps :).

petesake said...

Lovely picture of flowering tea, FYI: I found several flowering teas at a small site that I linked here that you may like.

Ashley said...

The flowering tea is so pretty, I don't think I could use it right away...just sit and look at it.

Love the beret...I might have to cave and start me one, too :)

Team Knit ! said...

Thanks for the link, Petesake- it was gorgeous! I'd have sent you an email, but your profile link isn't working.

Thanks for the beret compliments! Too bad it is bear-sized now....