Monday, 1 October 2007

All Ready to Go!

This is what I'm sending my K1, Tea 2 Swap Pal:

- 2 skeins of Drops Camelina (superwash)
- a bag of loose Pai Mu Tan (white tea)
- Hand lotion from The Healing Garden line, in White Tea
- Fair Trade chocolate bar flavoured with earl grey
- a small box of jasmine green tea
- a white mug from Pottery Barn
- a tea strainer
- a packet of tea bags to use with loose tea, in teapots
- the mug jacket, of course!

I hope my swap pal likes her package! It's going to the post office tomorrow (one day late, I know- but I needed to pack it up right). I can't wait to receive my package- It's my first swap!


Joan [] said...

i'd like it if i were your pal! i'm also in the midst of my first swap and planning the package has been suprisingly nervewracking for me.