Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Kelly's Ribbed Bolero

Stitch Detail Nice stitch mmm?
I bought yarn for this on a whim, one time while gathering kitchen supplies at walmart. Odd enough, there was no yardage on the band, or for most of the yarns that Walmart carries might I rant. Do complanies think that yardage is not necessary anymore? I mean, jeez, it's only one of the three determining factors (weight, yardage, fiber) when picking a medium. Wtf. Just a heads up that in Toronto, all variations of RedHeart, Bernatt and Georgia all do not have yardages listed. [/rant]
Cuffs up
Great however, is that I managed to get a whole shawl from one hank of the Redheart Wool/Acrylic blend. I was drawn to this color at once. Doesn't it look like Twinkle's Urchin? I think so. I always thought the color would flatter practically anyone.And it goes great with all the greys i've picked up for fall and winter. I used 5.5mm needles throughout, though I switched to straights after the ribbing as I found the double YO's to be particularly difficult on circulars. The second YO gets too tight when sliding the lace along the needles over the join. Even using Addi's so...use your own judgement (or save yourself some frigging and use mine ; ) It knit up quick and mindless but I will make some adjustments if/when I make patterns like these in future.
See the slight sag by the armpit? I notice that everyone (on ravelry) has these too. Perhaps one should make the shoulder span measurement smaller than it actually is to account for the negative ease? Either way, I like it and wore it today for a trial run on my errands in the beaches.
DSC02484 I didn't tack down the collar, I like it popped- it's a bit more 'me'


elizabeth marley said...

Way cute!

Toby Visualbass Tobias said...

hot sexy hot

Kelly (10 feet high) said...

I looks really good!
I wore mine today too, except I had to take it off since it was freaking 34 degrees. Whew..

Team Knit ! said...

I know! What is up with the weather, was it not almost 40 with the humidity? I atleast got to wear it a bit riding back from Resident Evil. Which, Julie and I just managed to squirm through along with the worst parents ever. They brought a child- less than 2 to see a zombie movie. Can you believe that? More still, can you believe the parents let the carseat face the screan while the child sat and watched, rapt.

shopgirl said...

love love love the popped collar. love the color, too. great job!