Thursday, 27 September 2007

for my birthday, I want to be locked in overnight at Romni Wools

There would be time to knit swatches of whatever you wanted! Pet without fear of looking like cheap yarno. When it was almost time to open shop, I would pile up the pricest cashmere and fall asleep in ia bed of squish. I'd tell them I was sent directly from the cashmere gods, they couldnt possibly be mad then. But I digress, I went there yesterday to meet up with Adam Hilborn one half of Parishil Studio. This guy oozes creativity, he knew almost exactly what he wanted and was able to draw it out, major bonus. I took him on a mini tour to pick out the yarns that would be best suited and lo and behold.. what did he like the most?
Rowan Cocoon Rowan Cocoon. Man knows his stuff huh? Rowan Cocoon
After hammering out the finer details.... ribbing, spacing and cable type I begun swatching as soon as I got home. Rowan recommends 7mm needles, but the fabric produced is much to airy, 5.5mm got me the close knit guage I wanted.
Rowan Cocoon Rowan Cocoon I effin love it.


Glenna C said...

I think being locked in Romni Wools would be a sort of all-occasion all-purpose thing :D Unnnnggggh, yarrrrn....