Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A series of unfortunate events..

Today is a terrible tuesday. That, my dear readers is the handiwork of my cat, Marley. He somehow managed to unzip, a ZIPPERED canvas tote and pulled the contents out and had a field day while I was asleep. There are yarns of all different weights and fibers mixed so fiercely that I had to cut(gasp!) many pieces just to untangle them from my furniture legs and banister railings. The carnage below is the contents of my plastic ziplock/slidelock that I keep in the living room for small on the go wip's. Two balls of Alpaca/Silk mixed with one purple acrylic from the upstairs stash.
*Sigh* Somedays you're the cat Somedays you're the yarn
Meet Marley "Kippie" Kippinski, our half jewish/half jamaican cat. His name has changed many times but Marley stuck because we would find him sitting getting high sniffing the vents when our downstairs neighbours were smoking pot. Kippie is from the meme cats picture of "up in ur puppy makin kippies" we found this absolutley hilarious and started to call marley "kippie". Kippinski is his formal last name derived from the former, used mainly when we come home and he's lounging around we'd announce our presence with "Gotta job yet Kippinski?" lol
He's smart that one, maybe if I find a hosting site I'll post the video of him playing fetch after learning how to three tosses before. He's part dog I think. *edit HERE BE THE VIDEO!


Susan said...

My cat Scofield looooves to play fetch. He has a stuffed pacifier that we'll throw down the hallway for him. If you don't throw it fast enough, after he's brought it back, he'll meow until you do.


Team Knit ! said...

lol i love cats

Scofield! That's a character from Heathcliffe right?

Anonymous said...

didnt know he made that big of a mess....what a goof...we gotta train him for other tricks too.


Susan said...

He's actually named after Michael Scofield from Prison Break. He's cute, clever, but always seems to get into trouble. lol.


Glenna C said...

Oh NO for your yarn!
But oh my how cute that video is - he really does fetch like a dog! What a cutie pie.

shirley said...

The yarn deserves a moment of silence...but Marley is just the cutest! Haha, maybe he *is* part dog.