Saturday, 14 July 2007

Lacy Skirt is Complete!

In the long-standing knit blog tradition of bathroom photos.... welcome to my bathroom. May I present... Lacy Skirt.

Pattern:Lacy Skirt from Greetings from the Knit Cafe

Yarn: stash camel-coloured acrylic (Patons something)

Needles: 4mm and 3.75 mm circulars

Modifications:I changed the waistband to have the same eyelet and ribbon detail as the lacy part with the ribbon, then had to rip the ribbon out because it wasn't stretchy enough to function as a waistband detail.

Notes: Sigh. Where to begin. Well, although I checked my yardage, I'm convinced the yarn leprechuans played a trick on me because I came up a skein short towards the end of the skirt. I bought a new skein, but the dye lot couldn't be matched, no matter how hard I tried. I finished it anyway, hoping it wouldn't be obvious, but.... sigh. Yarn Leprechauns - 1. Julie - 0.
If I did this again (and I might) I would try a different waistband, and I would knit the stockinette completely in the round.... Seaming this sucker took days.

And a close up, of the lovely dark brown ribbon I chose, and the lacy part for which the skirt is named:

And finally, may I present to you why it is probably better to frog than to chance one ball from a different dye lot:

The photograph makes the different shades more dramatic than they actually are to the naked eye. Not that it matters- it's still not close enough. Damn it.


Robin said...

Very cute skirt! It looks great on you. This one is on my list. Although it is a bummer that the different dye lot is noticeable in photos, I bet it really isn't noticeable in real life. (But I know how stuff like that can be annoying!!)

j.sun said...

heey- you finished it! :)

and really, nobody is going to notice the color variance, they'll be lookin at your curves~MEOW~!

Elizabeth said...

I am seriously anal and couldn't live with the color variation. It's a shame because you put so much time and work into it. Regardless, it is very beautiful!

Nikki said...

Omg, that is so cute. I swear, though people are always saying you shouldn't knit skirts, every time I see a knit skirt it's so cute. Especially if you have nice curves. I love this!

Please post how it wears over time and if it suffers from the dreaded diaper butt. Because if not, I want to knit myself a skirt.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful skirt! You did a great job. What about dying it? I wonder if you dyed it a deeper brown if it would be less noticeable? But still - beautiful!

Amanda said...

that is too adorable! i have been wanting to knit this for ages but hadn't heard anything about good yarns to substitute for the original. how is yours holding up? i love the color.

Team Knit ! said...

The yarn is holding up well- I deliberately chose something that I could toss into the dryer, since that helps a skirt get it's shape back if it's getting a bit baggy. However, I made this small, so that it wouldn't become a shapeless sack- and it's holding up great!

shopgirl said...

I'm impressed! I think you may have changed my opinion of knitted skirts, which I used to think were a no-no. This is totally hot!