Friday, 1 June 2007

Troubles with Tubes

A few weeks ago I decided that -Lelah- is my must-have top for summer. I want to wear it riding my bike on a sunday morning, to after work drinks in Yorkville and especially want to show it off at work. I reviewed the pattern and felt competent that it has all the attributes I was looking for: easily memorisable lace, flowy empire waist and very little seaming/sewing. This is a small commitment project that I would recommend for anyone forging beyond accessories. I do recommend heavily, that one takes ones body shape into consideration before casting on. The pattern as written is not suitable for all in my opinion. Before you whack me with your needles, hear why. I am a classic pear shape, the bulk of my weight gained or lost is contained below the navel. Simply, I have wide hips and a rather (sexy) shapely bottom and thighs. Enter the godsend of empire waist, able to flatter a variety of figures including the pear. A major component of an empire waist is the gentle flare from bust line to hips that allows a top to float rather than sit. Still with me? Ok. In my opinion (a pear's opinion) the written pattern permits not enough float necessary to look chic. Especially when lengthening the written pattern. A person with less hips/butt could pull this off easily.. pears? No freakin way. It will stretch out the lace and you will look fat and wide even if you arent. I learnt this the hard way, 8 lace repeats, kicking, screaming and much pouting later. What I have done to correct this is cast on for two additional vertical lace panels. These panels will be merged and decreased later, of which I will describe at length and what changed I would still make in the FO post this weekend for those interested.
Until then, here she is in her current state. Lace repeats done, onto the eyelets and decreasing/stockinette tonight.